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   Sunday, November 19th   
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Fort Wainwright, AK Fort Wainwright, AK Housing
            UNITS          RELOCATION

The host unit at Fort Wainwright is the 25th Infantry Division.

25th Infantry Division 907-353-7908 / 907-353-4333
The 25th Infantry Division was activated in late 1941 from the older Hawaii Division (which is where the units distinctive leaf comes from - it's a Hawaiian taro leaf) to defend the Hawaiian Islands from possible Japanese attack. The 25th was one of the units targeted during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, during which the division moved to defend the beaches from an expected landing. This did not come, and the 25th stood defense in Hawaii until November 1943, when it was deployed to relieve Marines on Guadalcanal. After heavy combat on Guadalcanal, and a garrison tour, the 25th relocated to the ongoing fighting at Munda, New Georgia, where they eliminated resistance over a two month period. After a rest, the 25th joined in the liberation of the Philippines, landing on and driving through Luzon against Japanese armored units, destroying the bulk of them. The 25th continued fighting in the Philippines for the rest of the war, establishing a reputation for fast and hard hitting maneuver and gaining the nickname �Tropic Lightning�. At the end of the war the 25th performed occupation duty for five years.

In the Korean War the 25th, still on occupation duty, was deployed to Korea as soon as possible after North Korea invaded South Korea. The 25th defended Pusan from onrushing NK invaders, earning a RoK Presidential Unit Citation. The 25th formed up with a tank battalion to break out from Pusan, and drove back NK units to the Yalu River, where they met a vast Chinese force. The Chinese pushed the 25th back, overwhelming three defensive lines until a final line was presented near Osan - this line held, and the war continued to push back and fourth. In 1951 the 25th conducted a series of operations to established a firm advantage. By the end of the year conditions were stable enough to assign the 25th to the defense of Seoul. By the war�s end, the unit earned a second RoK PUC, and 14 soldiers of the 25th had been awarded the Medal of Honor for various heroic actions. The 25th then returned home, to Hawaii, after a 12 year deployment.

The 25th remained in Hawaii until 1963, when elements of the division were deployed to support South Vietnamese troops. In 1965 most of the rest of the 25 joined, and the 25th remained in Vietnam performing various operations until withdrawal in 1971.

For the next two decades the 25th trained, visited the mainland US for the first time in various exercises, and prepared for future combat. In 1991 the 25th was deployed to Operation Desert Storm, where it contributed to the liberation of Kuwait. The 25th was not deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan until 2004, but has been deployed there repeatedly. Currently the 25th is garrison unit at Schofield Barracks and Fort Wainwright.
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1-24 Infantry Battalion 907-353-2087
1-25 Brigade Support Battalion 907-353-3507
1-25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team 907-353-6668
1-5 Infantry Battalion 907-353-2510
1-52 AVN Battalion Command Group 907-353-3494
125th Finance Battalion, C DT 907-353-1307
1984th US Army Hospital (Reserve) 907-353-2940
1984th US Army Hospital (Reserve) 907-353-2940
2-8 Field Artillery Battalion 907-353-3160
28th Military Police 907-353-7535
3 ASOS, USAF 907-353-6933
3-21 Infantry Battalion 907-353-4688
5-1 Cavalry 907-353-4338
5-1 Cavalry Squadron 907-353-7093
507th Signal Company 907-353-7073
6-17th Cavalry 907-353-0509
9th Army Band 907-353-6398
Aviation Task Force 49 907-353-0405
Bassett Army Community Hospital 1-800-478-5172
Brigade Troops Battalion 907-353-6379
Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab 907-353-5149
Garrison and Support Garrison Commander's Office 907-353-7633
Headquarters Company Brigade, HHC 1-25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team 907-353-9802
Kamish Troop Clinic 907-353-1207
Military Personnel Division 907-353-2273
Northern Warfare Training Center 907-353-1196
Reserve Center,B Company, 411th ENG Unit 907-353-2900
Veterinary Clinic 907-353-2910

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